Are you interested in donating to the Greenwood Gladiators Volleyball team?

The Greenwood Gladiators are seeking annual and one-time donors for the Greenwood College Volleyball Program.

Greenwood College has the distinction of being one of only two volleyball specialist schools in the state of Western Australia.  We currently have over 200 students in our Volleyball Specialist Program that participate in before-school training, intense volleyball class sessions, after-school training and inter-school competitions throughout the year in both beach and indoor volleyball.


The culmination of our Volleyball year takes place at the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup, which is the national championship tournament held in Melbourne each December.  The event runs for approximately seven days of competition where Greenwood volleyball players test their skills against the best volleyball teams in Australia.  The AVSC Melbourne trip costs each student approximately $2,000 per year and is an experience that is memorable over the course of a player’s lifetime.  Players and parents are responsible for fundraising in order to reach the $2,000 amount to cover costs such as flights, accommodation, transport, tournament fees and meals.


Due to the high costs of the tournament, we are seeking financial donors for the Greenwood College Volleyball Program this year and beyond.  All donations go towards supporting Greenwood College Volleyball student-athletes in their journey to compete in the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup 2016.  We are looking for an established group of donors who are willing to aid student-athletes by contributing financially to our high school volleyball players' dreams of competing at a high level within Australia and overseas.


Thank you for your time and your support.  Please contact me directly by email at or by phone 9243 9200 if you are interested in giving to a local cause.





Every bit counts towards helping a high school student-athlete realise his/her dream of competing interstate in volleyball!